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Grundig 430GB Radio with Bluetooth 4.0

Another stunning Grundig transistor LW/MW/VHF/FM radio with our Bluetooth 4.0 conversion.

It amazes me how good the sound is from these units, and I'm slightly worried I won't want to part with it if it stays in my workshop!


Rediffusion "Cable Radio" Speaker Cabinet

An exciting aspect of working with old radios is researching their origins and the companies behind their design and manufacture.

Rediffusion Speaker

This rather plain item is a speaker cabinet for receiving "Cable Radio", a wired audio subscription service offered by Broadcast Relay Service Ltd. The speakers had only a simple 2 or 3 channel selector knob and a volume knob. This model only has a volume control, so presumably the subscriber had no choice at all about what to listen to!

Broadcast Relay Service...

Bush BAC31 Gets A Makeover!

This gorgeous Bush BAC31 arrived last week. It had a drab finish that barely improved with cleaning. So, out came the spray paint. We’ve use a specialist spray dye for better adhesion and better coverage of the textured vinyl fabric. Funky eh?

Bush BAC31

Bush BAC31

Bush BAC31

Another Happy Customer - Roberts R23 Radio with Bluetooth conversion

Another happy customer sent us this photo of their Roberts R23 radio in its new home. It belonged to her partner’s grandfather and we were asked to clean it up, add Bluetooth (without affecting its ability to be used as a radio) and switch the power supply for a rechargeable 7.4V lithium-ion battery and 8.4V charging adaptor. We also replaced the damaged knobs and straightened out the bent handle.

Roberts R23 Radio In Kitchen - Photo by Kitty Rowley

Selena Vega 215 8-Band Transistor Radio

Excited to get started on this rather butch Selena Vega 215 8 band transistor radio from Russia. A quick peak inside reveals an innovative rotating rack containing different circuit boards, each handling a different waveband.

Selena Vega 215