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Rediffusion "Cable Radio" Speaker Cabinet

An exciting aspect of working with old radios is researching their origins and the companies behind their design and manufacture.

Rediffusion Speaker

This rather plain item is a speaker cabinet for receiving "Cable Radio", a wired audio subscription service offered by Broadcast Relay Service Ltd. The speakers had only a simple 2 or 3 channel selector knob and a volume knob. This model only has a volume control, so presumably the subscriber had no choice at all about what to listen to!

Broadcast Relay Service Ltd began in Clacton, Essex, in 1928 and expanded into Braintree, Ramsgate and Hull. By 1931 they'd formed a new company - "Rediffusion Ltd", and expanded rapidly - even abroad into Singapore, Trinidad, Canada, Malaysia, Barbados, Ceylon and Nigeria - and by 1947 they were renting out TVs, also as a wired subscription service.

This Rediffusion speaker was found under the floorboards of a house our customer was renovating. It's going to have a new lease of life as a bluetooth speaker, and will sit pride of place in the renovated house for future tenants to enjoy.

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