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Singer Sewing Machine - why not let us convert yours?!

Here’s our Singer Sewing Machine Bluetooth speaker again. Currently we’re building several more of these but if you have your own sewing machine (with a wooden lid) we can convert it for you!

Singer Sewing Machine Bluetooth Speaker

Happy Customer / Singer Sewing Machine Speaker

One very happy customer took delivery of her new Audio Machines Singer Sewing Machine Bluetooth Speaker yesterday!

Singer Sewing Machine Bluetooth Speaker


On The Workbench #3

Currently on the workbench we've got a cute little 1960s Perdio "Challenge" C306 transistor radio. It's only got Long Wave and Medium Wave but sounds great, and the simplicity of the crude circuit-board has made figuring out where to inject our Bluetooth adapter output very easy!

Perdio radio internals

There's some cosmetic work to do, and it'll get a custom-made 2 cell Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack giving 7.4V instead of the original 9V, but it's still plenty loud enough.

New Arrivals

New Arrivals!

Very pleased with our latest haul - a mixture of small & larger radios and radiograms. Even a Bakelite speaker. These will appear on the website in the coming weeks once the Bluetooth Fairy has been!

On The Bench - PYE PE80 "Cambridge International"

This behemoth arrived last night and whilst it powers up the internals are in very poor shape - water-damaged, rusty and dusty, and the speaker is making horrible, unpredictable sounds.


Fortunately, externally it's in reasonable condition, and all the knobs and controls have lovely movement. There's some water damage, a missing knob, and the speaker fabric needs replacing, but that's all do-able.

It's quite a special radio - with 11 selectable bands (9 shortwave, MW + LW) and the ability to tune within the selected band. It oozes quality and has an imposing, commanding presence! Launched in 1953 or...