Unique, Upcycled, Repurposed or Bespoke Vintage Radios, Boomboxes & Bluetooth Speakers

Our Ethos

Before you purchase one of our machines, or engage us to modernise one of yours, it's important that you understand our ethos and values.

Vintage radio repair and modification is a wide spectrum, with stubborn purists at one end, and Philistine opportunists at the other!

Here at AudioMachines we sit somewhere in the middle; we love authenticity, but concessions have to be made when changing or enhancing the functionality of a device that was designed and manufactured decades ago.

Original parts are often difficult or impossible to source. Some original materials are dangerous (asbestos insulation in voltage droppers and formaldehyde in Bakelite are just two examples). Valve or tube radios operate at very high voltages and have taken the lives of many good(?) radio repairers over the years, so our policy is not to work on such radios, unless the original internals are discarded or isolated. We usually only work with low-voltage (via power adapter), USB-powered or battery-powered devices, but sometimes we'll work on 240V transistor radio. All our mains-powered devices are PAT tested before leaving the workshop.

Modern Bluetooth equipment and Class D amplifiers often require regulated power supplies which older equipment might not provide.

If a radio has a blown speaker, and a replacement original isn't affordable or easy to find, then we'll replace it with a modern, better quality speaker.

None of our vintage machines are in original condition, either aesthetically or functionally. Sometimes they're pretty close to original. We always try to preserve original function, but not at any price.

If you want an original working radio with no modifications, sorry, but you won't find it here.

If you have a vintage radio you want bringing back to original working order before modernising we'll be happy to point you in the direction of one of the many experienced radio repairers in existence. Once that's done, we can work our magic, adding Bluetooth, etc.

If you have a radio which you just want to use as a bluetooth speaker, then we can definitely do that. We charge an up-front £25 to examine the radio on our workbench and devise at least one possible solution.